Even on their days off, Viola-Disbrow said police officers are “on duty 24 hours a day.”

EATONTOWN — Two Jersey City cops and a Red Bank electrician had an Easter night they won’t soon forget, jumping into 10 feet of water to rescue an 84-year-old woman who crashed her car.

Police Officer Donnamarie Viola-Disbrow and her husband, Det. Vinny Disbrow, were driving their daughter back to Monmouth University that night when they heard a loud bang while stopped at a red light on Route 36.

Viola-Disbrow, who works in the West District, looked up and saw a silver Buick crash over the medium in the road and land in what appeared to be a ditch ditch. She and her husband both ran out of the car, with their two daughters still in the backseat, to see how they could help.

Once they got to the ditch, they realized the car was sinking in a water retention basin, and they needed to act fast.

“I yelled up to the people on the street to call 911, that we have an elderly woman in the car,” she said of the rescue Thursday afternoon.

Her husband, along with John McCowan – who Viola-Disbrow identified as a Red Bank electrician – swam out to the car and dragged it back toward the muddy land. They covered the woman’s face with Viola-Disbrow’s sweater while the detective broke the glass to the window.

The three, as a team, safely removed the woman from the car in about 10 minutes. The water was cold, all three were covered in mud, and Disbrow cut open his hands on the glass. But had they not acted so quickly, the couple fears the 84-year-old’s car would have sunk.

“If we didn’t act the way we did, that car would have sunk,” Disbrow said. …read more

Source:: New Jersey Real -Time News

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