We are still a few days out from the premiere of the much-anticipated Bachelorette premiere with Rachel Lindsay as the apple of 31 pairs of eyes, but we know quite a bit about the season already. Before the official profiles were released, we met a few of the contestants, and saw Lindsay horseback riding with one of them. We also know that there is a happy ending waiting for us when the season ends because Lindsay announced yesterday that she is engaged. And now, we might even be able to identify the villain in the house. He goes by the name of Lee Garrett and seems like a pretty unappealing character. I can’t speak for Rachel but he certainly wouldn’t be getting a rose from me.

A writer for the International Business Times did a little digging into Garrett’s Twitter account and discovered that he is an avid Trump supporter. He used the #TrumpTrain hashtag to gloat about Trump’s win in the November presidential election. In one tweet posted the day after the election, he asked if he was the only one who wanted to see Obama’s face. He also posted a quote that implied that highway protesters were “sore losers” who were throwing a “tantrum.” He also put white privilege in quotation marks, as if it’s not a real thing.

Of course, supporting Trump isn’t an automatic dealbreaker for plenty of women. But his position on gender should be.

After apparently discovering the term “meninist,” Garrett proclaimed that he had found his “home.” In another tweet he claims that he would never date a woman who has accounts on dating apps like Tinder or Bumble, even though he himself gets “trigger happy left swiping.” So he may have been sarcastic but I still get the vibe that …read more

Source:: Refinery29

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