Carolyn Hax

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DEAR CAROLYN: My former fiance, “John,” prefers staying home to going out unless it’s for work or family. I’m easygoing and never had

Carolyn Hax

a problem until a few weeks ago when he didn’t come to an awards ceremony where I was being honored. This was a big deal for me and I had to beg him to come.

Then he blew it off. Instead he binged some Netflix show before it expired. No apology.

I told him I needed to think and packed some things and went to my sister’s. After thinking things over, I told him I wanted to break up.

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John is suddenly apologetic and promising to go wherever I want. He says it’s stupid to break up over an awards ceremony. He says he never messed up before and everyone deserves a second chance.

But I’m really, really happy. I didn’t feel sad when we were together, but the thought of marrying him makes me want to cry. Is John right about getting a second chance? …read more

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