Non-traditional entrepreneurs need backing to thrive

Re: City of Calgary a sanctuary for entrepreneurs, Opinion, Aug. 8

Calgary is uniquely positioned to become an entrepreneurial incubator with its combination of education, talent and energy.

I am excited by the hard-working young innovators in Canada. They are creating a fusion of complex new technology and social awareness to try to make a difference in our everyday lives. They are principled, focused and proud of their initiatives. Profit is not the only motive.

Despite this, these non-traditional businesses continue to have difficulty accessing capital, loans or professional support services. These are the building blocks that any business, old or new, needs to survive and thrive. Until we open this closed system to the new pioneers, we are just paying lip service to considering ourselves a sanctuary for entrepreneurs.

Barb Finningley, Calgary

Ethical compass should lead way to apology and payback

Re: MLA claims expenses on place he rents out, Aug. 10

As a supporter of reasonable and balanced fiscal policy, it is concerning to read reports of an MLA garnering personal income and revenue, from a property that is funded for government use by taxpayers. Clearly, in part, I am paying for this property.

On balance, if Derek Fildebrandt is not using this property but garnering extra income from it during his absence, is it not reasonable that this money be returned to the taxpayer?

It is troubling that an MLA considers the accumulation of additional income from this property as breaking no rules. The moral and ethical compass in this situation is not one of playing the rules for personal gain, but rather, ensuring taxpayers are not lining his pockets.

I trust Mr. Fildebrandt will be reconsidering the situation immediately, making a public apology, disclosing all income from Airbnb and returning the revenue to the taxpayer.

Dick Averns, Calgary

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Source:: Calgary Herald

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