By Peter Marcus, Colorado Politics

DENVER — Colorado Republican Attorney General Cynthia Coffman’s office staff knows that when Jesse Wright phones, his call should be put right through.

“I have tried real hard to limit that so that I don’t interrupt whatever is going on for her,” said Coffman’s friend, Wright, a gay man who has been battling HIV for nearly 25 years.

Sometimes confused for the powerful attorney general’s brother, Wright has been under the part-time care of Coffman for 15 years — something that few would expect of a busy elected official who has been labeled a conservative for pushing court battles that have included blocking implementation of federal carbon-pollution standards, federal fracking regulations and clean water rules.

With Coffman seriously considering a run for governor — something that requires surviving a divisive primary — it seems surprising that she would so publicly advocate for gay rights. But that is just what Coffman has been doing, inspired by friends such as Wright and others.

“Certainly there are fewer voices of Republicans in the political debate when it comes to equality and gay rights, and I find it somewhat perplexing because Republicans are about personal responsibility and individual rights,” Coffman told Colorado Politics in a recent interview.

She received cheers and applause for an emotional speech following the 2016 attack at Orlando’s Pulse gay nightclub, where 49 people were massacred in the worse mass shooting in U.S. history. She abandoned prepared remarks to speak directly to Colorado’s gay community.

“You are here for each other, and we are all here for you,” Coffman said at the time.

Recently she stood on the steps of the Colorado Capitol surrounded by Democrats and told the crowd that she could be the only Republican attorney general in the country taking part in an LGBT pride event.

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Source:: The Denver Post – Politics

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