This is it! The end! The last ever episode of Orphan Black! Is anyone else feeling weirdly emotional? I remember first watching the show on On Demand during my first summer back home from college. I blew through all of it in one sitting — something that made my parents, who were wondering if I was “adjusting well,” extremely nervous. I had no idea that five years later, I’d be here, recapping it! There’s always so much pressure when it comes to a series finale — especially for a show as high-stakes as this one — but let me assure you that “To Right The Wrongs Of Many” does not disappoint. Let’s dive in.

This episode begins with a flashback you may have never expected: Sarah in front of Planned Parenthood, trying to decide whether or not to get an abortion. This pregnancy would lead to Kira, but back when it was just Sarah and Mrs. S, they weren’t so certain they were ready to take that path.

“Have you thought this through?” Mrs. S asks, and Sarah insists she has — but keeps wavering back and forth. Although we know what eventually happens, the flashback cuts off there, and we’re whipped back into present day where Sarah is trying to escape with Helena, who is essentially crowning.

As they escape to an abandoned room for Helena to give birth, Westmoreland approaches Coady — who it appears isn’t dead after all, my bad, guys! — to ask (read: scream) about where the clones went. He’s getting weaker, experiencing chest pains that render him even more irritable.

Enger is also in the building, hunting for the clones who she knows triggered the alarm. Just as Coady tries to reach her, Art hits over the back of the head, knocking her out.

“You’re a …read more

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