In his opening statement yesterday, Novel said investigators did no DNA testing and blood on the walls and floor of the apartment was not tested either. He also noted that there were no witnesses to Albizu’s murder.

JERSEY CITY — Jurors in the trial of a Jersey City man charged with murdering the mother of one of his children in 2014 were shown autopsy pictures this morning of injuries the she suffered and heard a medical examiner testify that she had been strangled to death.

Nathan Williams III, 36, is accused of killing Marilyn Albizu, 33, on June 17, 2014, in the Old Bergen Road home they shared, although they were no longer a couple.

During opening statements yesterday, the prosecution said Williams became enraged because Albizu told Lenisha Murray, the mother of one of Williams’ other children, that he was with a third woman. Murray said she went to the home and found him in bed with the third woman on the morning of the murder.

Jurors were shown images of bruising on the sides and back of Albizu’s neck, her back and shoulders, as well as bruises on her face and a cut near her chin. She had blood smeared on her hand. Asked if the bruises on her neck could have been cause by someone squeezing the area, Dr. Di Wang, a medical examiner, testified “Yes.”

But the doctor said there was more conclusive internal evidence that included hemorrhaging of muscles in her neck and a fractured bone in her throat. He also said her tongue and lip bled, as had the underside of her eyelids. He said many of the injuries were consistent with a struggle for her life.

Wang said toxicology tests showed there was PCP in Albizu’s system, but he said he found no evidence …read more

Source:: New Jersey Real -Time News

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