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Uber has announced a series of updates that will make some rides in the UK more expensive.

An email sent by Uber to drivers in the UK says that uberPOOL rides will increase in price, and so will trips in some areas of the Home Counties.

uberPOOl is Uber’s carsharing feature that makes rides cheaper for customers by combining strangers’ rides together. So if you and another customer are both trying to go to similar locations, Uber combines the two trips and reduces the price for both customers.

But Uber told Business Insider that it is slightly raising the price of uberPOOL trips during offpeak hours (between 4am and 8pm on weekdays). The discount to customers versus Uber’s standard uberX service will be reduced from 25% to 15% during those hours.

Another price increase Uber announced on Thursday was to specific areas of the Home Counties to make the cost of trips there more similar to London prices. Uber said areas affected by the increase include parts of Spelthorne borough, Elmbirdge borough, and Reigate & Banstead borough, which lie within the M25. A spokesperson said the changes will only affect “small parts of towns” near the M25 border.

Uber’s pricing changes follow another UK price raise announced last week. The company said that all London trips would become 35p more expensive to help contribute to Uber’s Clean Air Fund, which launches this month. The fund will be used to give drivers up to £5,000 towards the cost an electric vehicle such as a Toyota Prius.

Here’s the full email sent on Thursday by Uber to its drivers in the UK:

New features, better experiences

We’re happy to have received positive feedback from drivers like you in response to the new initiatives we launched last month. At roundtables, at Expos, in the Greenlight Hub and on the road, …read more

Source:: Business Insider

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