The shortstop who replaced a legend has a legendary performance in Game 5 as the Yankees complete an epic ALDS comeback.

CLEVELAND — No one wants to replace a legend. And, after Game 5 of the American League Division Series, don’t you feel sorry for the kid who someday is going to have to replace Didi Gregorius?

Gregorius had a performance that will go down in Yankees postseason lore in the 5-2 Yankees victory. He did something that the man he replaced — what was that nice fella’s name again? — never did in a career that included 158 playoff appearances.

Derek Jeter never hit two home runs in a single postseason game. Gregorius no only did that on Wednesday night, but he did it in a do-or-die situation, on the road against a 102-win team, with the likely Cy Young Award winner on the mound.

He was the entire Yankees offense for the first eight innings in their biggest victory in five years, the player most responsible for giving this team a shot to play Houston Astros for the AL pennant.

He will never escape the comparisons with Jeter, who is busy starting his new life as president of the Miami Marlins. But here is a thought that is borderline blasphemous: What if he ends up being (gasp) just as good?

Too soon, too soon, waaaay too soon. For now, it is enough that Gregorius has an October moment to go with his superb regular season. The young Yankees completed an improbable, if not borderline impossible, comeback from an 0-2 series hole against the reigning AL champs, and for that, they can thank their shortstop.

Who could have imagined this happening?

“Nobody expected us to (go) this far,” Gregorius said. “Nobody expected us to be competing against …read more

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