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Jets defensive end Leonard Williams sees a difference in Tom Brady this year

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FLORHAM PARK — Leonard Williams is familiar with the quarterback who runs the AFC East. Drafted by the Jets in 2015, the defensive end has played four games, with one win, against Tom Brady.

But as he prepares for matchup No. 5 against the Patriots this Sunday, he can’t help but notice something different. Tom Brady is doing something Tom Brady doesn’t usually do.

“(He’s) holding onto the ball a little bit longer than he usually does,” he said.

Williams isn’t lying.

According to ProFootballFocus, Brady is averaging 2.56 seconds from his drop back to his release, which ranks 21st of 30 qualifying quarterbacks. In 2016, he averaged 2.39 seconds (10th). This could be because the Patriots are trying to stretch the field more than in year’s past, but Brady’s taking a beating as a result.

According to, the Patriots have allowed 33 quarterback hits (tied for seventh most) and 16 sacks (tied for eighth most) this season. They’re on pace to allow 105 quarterback hits and 51.2 sacks. Last season, the Patriots allowed just 73 quarterback hits and 24 sacks.

But it’s more than just numbers. There’s only so much Brady’s 40-year-old body can take. He’s dealing with an AC joint sprain, which caused him to miss two practices this week. He will play against the Jets, though.

“That’s giving us something to look forward to, getting after the quarterback,” Williams said. “We know we can keep ahead of the offense. If we can get to him, and affect him as much as possible, we can affect the game.”

The Jets haven’t been very good at getting to the quarterback this year. They have just seven sacks (second fewest in the league), and none from Williams or former Pro …read more

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