From established suburban neighbourhoods to new ones on the outskirts in south Calgary, the issues in Ward 14 are as diverse as the communities within it.

Crime, lack of transit and LRT parking, a need for recreational facilities, and high property taxes are some of the concerns cited by various community associations. But with a district that spreads from Southcentre Mall to the south city limits, the wants and needs are quite different in Lake Bonavista than Legacy.

“In terms of our community, I have to say the single most important municipal issue today is crime, specifically petty crimes like car prowling, bicycle theft, vandalism, the break and entering of garages and even homes,” said Myles McDougall, president of the Lake Bonavista Community Association.

“The perception is that these types of infractions have increased dramatically over the past couple years and that there is little the police can do to stop it,” he said.

Further out, in Lake Chaparral, a 20-year-old community, residents are fairly satisfied with school and transit infrastructure. Their biggest concerns are crime and traffic.

“There’s speeding along secondary routes and a little bit of cutting through. We’ve done a lot of work with council with rapid light crosswalks for example and with the traffic department to problem-solve,” said community association president Lynette Javaheri. “We’re working with the city on those issues.”

She said the community has, like many in the city, noticed an uptick in property crime, such as car and garage break-ins. “We do hear about that. Those things hit close to home.”

Ward candidate Kelash Kumar said he’s been hearing from residents about issues such as transportation and recreation.

“Daily, I’m walking the area. Busing is a problem and no recreation centres. Legacy doesn’t even have a park,” said Kumar, 43, who has studied electrical engineering and finance. He said he works …read more

Source:: Calgary Herald

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