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About once a week, a new Jana Duggar courtship rumor begins to wend its way around social media.

So it’s no surprise that in the past month alone, two different men have been connected with Jana.

One of the rumored suitors quickly shot down reports that he and Jana are an item, but the other has been less convincing in his half-hearted denials.

There’s been no official confirmation that Caleb Williams is courting Jana, but neither party seems to mind the persistent rumors.

Of course, fans have been waiting for word of a Jana courtship for almost a decade, so you’d think the Duggars would be shouting this news from the rooftop.

Now that fans think they know who Jana is courting, they’ve refocused their attention on figuring out why it is that she’s keeping the relationship a secret.

According to the most popular theory, Jana is keeping her relationship on the DL because her new man’s lifestyle and political beliefs don’t quite mesh with the Duggar “brand.”

Yes, those who know him well say Caleb Williams is a “rebel.”

Mind you, they mean that he’s a rebel by Duggar standards.

As far as anyone can tell, he hasn’t done prison time, and he’s not covered in tattoos–but he may have skipped church once or twice as a teen.

Apparently, the real issue for Duggar patriarch Jim Bob is the fact that Caleb is more liberal than the typical Duggar in-law.

The specifics of his insufficiently conservative beliefs are unknown, but it seems JB is intent on molding the lad into marriage material for Jana.

Sources say Jim Bob and Caleb have been spending time together without Jana–and it’s believed the goal of these hand sessions is for Jim Bob to convince Caleb to come around to a more conservative way of thinking.

These days, Jim Bob …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip

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