Concerned parents of undocumented children in Plainfield received free legal consultations and advice provided by the school district on Saturday.

PLAINFIELD — As she walks through the halls of Plainfield’s public schools, Gloria Montealegre hears the concerns of students who have come into the country with their parent or on their own. Will they be deported? Will their parents have to leave the country? Will they be able to go to college?

As the issues for these students became even more complex, Montealegre began to hold discrete information sessions for these students and their parents, sessions that included legal information. The most recent session was held last week.

“This is beneficial because dealing with issues like these, parents can get depressed and stressed as well as the students, which affects how they are in school,” said Montenegro, the district’s community relations liaison. “I knew we needed something to help the people in our community.”

Rutgers’ Jason Hernandez, left, and Plainfield’s Gloria Montealegre, right, talk in the hallway of Plainfield High School after the conclusion of their session for parents of undocumented children on Saturday.

Previously, Make the Road New Jersey, an immigration advocacy organization, hosted the clinics. This year the Rutgers Immigrant Community Assistant Project, which includes attorneys, professors and law students, hosted.

Twice a year, clinics provide information about how to apply for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Act) program, what to do if you they are arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement and what their rights are as an unauthorized citizens. As the sessions became more popular, Montealegre has considered expanding the number of sessions and bringing in more organizations as well.

“We can never find information like this for free so I’m very grateful we had an event like this,” said Edith, 61, of Plainfield, who has students …read more

Source:: New Jersey Real -Time News

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