Q: I like to log on to Pandora and leave it up as I do other things on my computer. This worked fine until about a week or 10 days ago, when Pandora started playing for 5 to 10 minutes and then the audio stops. I’ve tried going back to the website, changing stations, clicking the “like.” Nothing I do gets the sound back. I have to close it down and log back in again, when it will play fine for another few minutes. What’s with that? Another thing that started happening about the same time is similar to a pop-up, but it’s music — no way to X out of it. It’s always the same instrumental music, louder than my current setting, and drowns out everything else. Lasts about 15 seconds and goes away. It’s completely random. I’ve had this pop in while emailing, shopping, whatever. I wonder if the two problems are related, and is this some kind of malware?? ~ Anita Gard

Tech+ From an initial glance, it sounds like your browser is getting clogged up and so it pauses the music, until you clear its memory (i.e. cache) so it can start fresh. Pandora offers tips on doing this for various browsers and devices:

Google Chrome: help.pandora. com/customer/portal/articles/ 24254-chrome-troubleshooting
Safari: help.pandora. com/customer/en/portal/ articles/24257-safari- troubleshooting
Internet Explorer: help. pandora.com/customer/en/ portal/articles/24255- internet-explorer- troubleshooting
Firefox: help.pandora. com/customer/en/portal/ articles/24256-firefox- troubleshooting
iOS: help.pandora.com/ customer/en/portal/articles/ 24305-trouble-streaming- pandora-on-ios
Android: help.pandora. com/customer/en/portal/ articles/24288-trouble- streaming-pandora-on-android

Another issue users online are complaining about is that Pandora is playing one song at a time, and then you need to press play again. That’s not quite what internet radio is about. I just tested this in Google Chrome and had the same issue, even after following Pandora’s suggested tips for Chrome.

Make sure all your other software is up …read more

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