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In the aftermath of Harvey Weinstein’s rape accusations, more and more women are finding the courage to finally come forward and speak about experiences that they’ve been pressured into keeping quiet.

A lot of famous, powerful men have been named. And the very latest, called out in a very public manner by actress Elizabeth Perkins, is none other than James Woods.

We wish that we could honestly say that we’re surprised … but we’re not.

Though it’s no shock to the system to hear James Woods named (more on that in a moment), no one expected his name to come out in quite the way that it did.

Elizabeth Perkins is a skilled, beautiful actress.

Though you may remember her as one of the stars of the ’90s Flintstones film, she is better known for her television work.

Most notably, she was one of the stars of Weeds. Her character’s arc was wild, but began with her courageously advocating for diet sodas to be included on school vending machines.

Since then, she’s had numerous television roles, including guest spots on The Closer and on How To Get Away With Murder.

Well, on Sunday, she made a very different sort of public appearance:

Elizabeth Perkins was one of the marchers at the Take Back The Workplace rally that took place in Hollywood on Sunday.

It’s a play on Take Back The Night, pointing out that plenty of women are sexually harassed or assaulted in the workplace or elsewhere by coworkers and bosses.

Plenty of people attend marches like this out of moral support, but it’s clearly a person matter for Elizabeth Perkins.

She carried a handwritten sign with her that displayed a very succinct message:

“James Woods #MeToo”

That simple sign is a pretty serious accusation against Woods.

Neither Elizabeth Perkins nor James Woods have immediately responded to requests for comments on it.

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip

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