Marise Cipriani, the 22-year owner of Granby Ranch, is listing her 5,000-acre Grand County–ski and golf resort community for sale.

Cipriani turned 60 on Sept. 28. On the same day in 1995, the Brazilian developer finalized the deal to buy the struggling property, which was then called Silver Creek and had languished in bankruptcy court for eight years.

She had grand plans back then, proposing a $100 million four-season resort that would cater to families. After spending millions securing water rights, developing a golf course and facilities, improving the ski area, building trails and selling more than 500 of a planned 4,300-plus homes, Cipriani said “it’s time for me to move on.”

“It hasn’t been easy, but on the other hand, it’s been very rewarding. I love the vision of it. I really can see that somebody can take it now to the next level,” she said. “Granby Ranch has to exist beyond me.”

The trials were plentiful over the last two decades. It took about six years to figure out water and relationships with the Town of Granby. She worked with–the Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service—for federal land within her property. She installed infrastructure, upgraded the ski area and built a base village, developed a golf course and sold homes and condos. She changed the name from Silver Creek to SolVista,—then to Granby Ranch. She closed the historic Berthoud Pass ski area in 2001, citing financial struggles and the cost of redeveloping the base lodge on the mountain pass. Her family’s airline, Transbrasil, which her father, Omar Fontana, built into Brazil’s third largest airline in a rags-to-riches story that began by ferrying livestock to market, shut down in 2001 as creditors forced it into bankruptcy.

The 2008 recession hit Granby Ranch hard, as it did for …read more

Source:: The Denver Post – Business

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