A superhero sequel saddles a great heroine with a couple of tired heroes

I’m pretty good about not giving in to movie-reviewer blurbese, yet there’s something driving me to proclaim that ‘”Justice League’ is the roller-coaster ride of the year!”

Perhaps it’s that I can’t stand roller-coaster rides.

Even when I was a teenager, they were more to be endured than enjoyed. Strap yourself in. Get ready for a lot of sudden swerves and drops. Wait, patiently, for it all to end.

Which is how I felt watching this thing.

There’s a lot of loud action. There are a lot of flashy visuals. Everything goes by quickly (to its credit, this is a superhero movie that comes in under two hours, and actually wraps everything up at the end.)

It’s just that, like “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” it’s not a hell of a lot of fun.

And it’s not – despite what some conspiratorially minded fans think – that I have anything against DC. I loved “Wonder Woman.” But that film gave the character feminist strength and serious, independent purpose. This film prefers to turn her into a sexy Mommy – showing a bit more cleavage and now playing patient peacemaker to the squabbling boys of the Justice League. (“I work with children,” she sighs.)

I loved the Dark Knight films of Chris Nolan, too. But Ben Affleck still hasn’t found a way to make Batman his own; a solid, stolid block of wood, he’s content to play a poor copy of gloomy Christian Bale (when the smarter thing to do would be to look back to slightly less-self-serious takes, like Michael Keaton’s). And as Superman, Henry Cavill has yet to add anything but bland, bare-chested pecs appeal.

Of course, Gadot is still a charismatic presence as the confident Amazon, even in …read more

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