Jackson at 9 Months

Time may be flying, but Tori Roloff is doing her best to catch it and savor each and every second of it.

The Little People, Big World star has updated her Instagram account with a key update about her son, Jackson Kyle Roloff.

And it’s not just any update, either.

It’s the precious baby’s nine-month update, as Jackson continues to grow way up before our eyes.

“…and we have a 9 month old,” Roloff wrote as a caption to the cute snapshot above, which is similar to past ones Tori has shared of her child.

This one, however, features a highlighted number-nine, along with an older looking Jackson, looking as adorable as ever.

From there, Tori once again provided followers with a bevy of information regarding Jackson, who was born to Tori and husband Zach back in May.

For example:

Jackson has 6 teeth!

He is sitting up on his own. He is into everything and our house needs to be baby proofed ASAP.

Jackson loves eating and got a new high chair that he can sit in by himself!

He has been chatting a lot lately but really only knows “Dada.

He loves riding in his stroller. And we’re really thankful for nice weather to go on walks.

This month we got to go to the beach with our friend Brooklyn, and uncle J announced he’s getting married and J gets another aunt!

This kid is so blessed and we fall more in love every day (I know I say that every time but it’s the truth). Keeping growing baby J! We love you!

Tori and Zach seem to have their hands full (in a loving way!) with Jackson, yet rumors persist that Tori is expecting again.

The evidence is pretty flimsy, however.

In one case, Tori used a plural word and folks speculated on the state of her womb.

In another case, …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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