A Calgary-area dentist who had been seen as the front-runner to win the Progressive Conservative provincial nomination in a southern Ontario riding has been disqualified from the race.

Tanya Khattra filed her papers last September to run for the PC nomination in the riding of Cambridge-North Dumfries and soon became the leading candidate in the field of three, despite allegations that she didn’t live in the area.

Candidates for provincial office in Ontario must live in the province for at least six months prior to an election, under Ontario’s Election Act. Ontario voters go to the polls June 7 to decide its next government.

Ron Dancey, vice-president of the Cambridge PCs’ riding association, said Tuesday that Khattra, who’s listed on the staff directory of an Airdrie dental office, wouldn’t be allowed to run for the Ontario PC nomination in the riding.

“I understand that she has been disqualified by the central party, which tells me that she’s probably quit the race,” said Dancey, adding that Khattra had recently missed her vetting appointment.

“She’s not eligible here as far as we’re concerned,” he said. “It would be nice if she just decided to step back and maybe run in Calgary. It sounds to me like the place she should run.”

Khattra has denied suggestions she isn’t a resident of Ontario and has insisted she lives in Cambridge. But two senior members of her team, campaign manager Prakash Venkataraman and communications consultant Margaret Barr, publicly announced they were breaking with Khattra, claiming she had not been living in the furnished house she had been renting in Cambridge, a city of 134,000 about 100 kilometres southwest of Toronto, despite insisting to them she was.

She has also suggested that despite operating a campaign website, putting together a team and attending events in Cambridge, she was not a declared …read more

Source:: Calgary Herald


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