Colombia soldier border Venezuela

Venezuela’s economic, political, and social turmoil is deepening.
Those crises have spurred massive waves of migration, as Venezuelans leave to look for relief.
Countries in the region are trying to adjust to the influx — and prepare for what’s next in Venezuela.

Venezuela’s deepening turmoil has spurred mass migration to the rest of the region, and now countries straining to deal with arriving migrants are taking steps to address the influx.

On February 8 in Cucuta, a border city that has become a hub for migrants, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos announced stricter migration controls and the deployment 3,000 security personnel to control hundreds of crossing points along the countries’ 1,370-mile shared border.

A new migration unit will also patrol public areas where displaced Venezuelans gather, help them get oriented, and address problems related to their arrival and the precarious conditions they face, like prostitution. Venezuelans in the country will be required to register with Colombian officials.

“Colombia has never lived a situation like the one we are encountering today,” Santos said. Colombian immigration officials say there are nearly 600,000 Venezuelans in the country — double the number six months ago. Venezuelan groups and officials in border cities say it could be higher.

“This is a tragedy,” Santos added. “I want to repeat to President Maduro — this is the result of your policies. It is not the fault of Colombians, and it’s the result of your refusal to receive humanitarian aid.”

Venezuela’s economy continues to unravel. Inflation is expected to hit 13,000% this year. Rampant shortages leave store empty, and many hospitals are ill-equipped to treat even basic problems. Malnutrition is rising, and some parents who are unable to feed their children have turned them over to orphanages. Violence is pervasive, and …read more

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