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Amazon Prime members were altered to special savings at a Whole Foods Market in Pittsburgh. (GeekWire Photo / Taylor Soper)

The love affair between Amazon and Whole Foods, which was solidified when the tech giant bought the grocery chain last year, goes beyond just reduced prices on avocados. For Amazon Prime members looking to spread a little Valentine’s Day cheer, they can save on roses, too.

Shoppers at Whole Foods Markets across the United States should see signs alerting them to the deal on Whole Trade roses — $19.99 for a bouquet of two dozen flowers, which is a savings of $5 off the normal price. Each purchase gives back to communities where the flowers were sourced, Whole Foods said in a news release.

But you have to be a Prime member to snag a coupon that gets you that deal. The promotion started a week ago and ends today.

The roses deal at Whole Foods as advertised on Amazon.com. (Amazon screen grab)

GeekWire’s Taylor Soper was enjoying Valentine’s back in Pittsburgh by shopping for groceries for our own HQ2. He spotted a sign in a checkout line at a store in the city’s East Liberty neighborhood.

Deeper discounts for Prime members who shop at Whole Foods is not a new concept this week. GeekWire previously reported on deals that started showing up on holiday items last fall.

“As we continue to integrate with Amazon, we plan to share additional savings, values, and promotional events with our shoppers and Prime members while continuing to support responsible ecosystems and communities worldwide,” said A.C. Gallo, president and chief operating officer at Whole Foods Market.

Amazon’s website provided further details on this particularly rosy integration, including what the Whole Trade Guarantee entails when it comes to ethical farming practices. There’s also an FAQ, which, among other …read more

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