The noted boxer Justin Trudeau has come out swinging against John Horgan, accusing the B.C. premier of trying to wreck the national climate action plan.

“John Horgan is actually trying to scuttle our national plan on fighting climate change,” the prime minister said Tuesday, in a remarkable interview in Ottawa with the online publication The National Observer.

“By blocking the Kinder Morgan pipeline, he’s putting at risk the entire national climate change plan, because Alberta will not be able to stay on if the Kinder Morgan pipeline doesn’t go through,” Trudeau continued.

“And you will get politicians who are picking and choosing parts of the national plan they don’t like, and if we don’t continue to stand strongly in the national interest, the things that people don’t like within the agreement — which is always filled with compromises — are going to mean that there is no agreement, and there is no capacity to reach our climate targets.”

Many Albertans have been waiting for weeks to hear the PM say something — anything — directly critical of Horgan’s effort to kill a federally approved pipeline. Premier Rachel Notley has been begging the feds to come out of their neutral corner.

Trudeau turned out to be tougher than anyone would have expected. This was a direct attack on Horgan by name, painting him as an intentional enemy of climate change action, a serious affront to an NDP leader.

Trudeau even linked Horgan to foes such as former Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall.

He said: “Brad Wall, in his opposition to the national plan on climate change, has been endangering or trying to prevent that national plan from going through, even though he likes the fact that it got pipelines approved. He doesn’t like the national price on carbon.”

And Horgan, “similarly and frustratingly,” risks the …read more

Source:: Calgary Herald


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