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A new report from Reveal alleges that Tesla has underreported workplace injuries and claims the Fremont factory is less safe than the company has said.
The report also alleges that Tesla has avoided using some warning signs and markings for aesthetic reasons and failed to properly train employees for dangerous work.
On Monday, Tesla responded to the report in a blog post, calling it “a completely false picture of Tesla and what it is actually like to work here.”

In February, Tesla highlighted its efforts to improve worker safety at the Fremont, California, factory where it builds its vehicles. Laurie Shelby — Tesla’s vice president of environmental, health, and safety — wrote that the company’s total recordable incident rate (TRIR), had fallen 25% since 2016 and was aligned with the industry average. Shelby also outlined the steps the company had taken in an effort to better manage and prevent workplace injuries.

But a new report from Reveal alleges that the company has underreported workplace injuries at the Fremont factory and that working conditions at the facility are not as safe as Tesla has claimed. Reveal reportedly spoke with over three dozen current and former Tesla employees and reviewed hundreds of pages of documents, including internal records and correspondence related to injury reporting.

Here’s an overview of the report’s claims. You can read the full report on Reveal here.

Tesla reportedly misreported injury rates at its Fremont factory, either failing to report injuries employees incurred while at work or mislabeling them as personal or minor injuries so they didn’t count against the company’s public workplace injury statistics.
Tesla didn’t mark some hazard areas at Fremont in yellow because Musk reportedly doesn’t like the color and avoided other safety signs and markings for aesthetic reasons, the report claims.
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