Morrissey on stage.

Apparently when someone calls you “racist”, what they really mean is you’re “enlightened”.

If Katie Hopkins crooned, this is what it would sound like. Yes, vegan-reactionary-sad-middling-solo-artist Morrissey has treated us to more of his political opinions, and they are a masterpiece of self-parody and wounded white whining.

Here are the top ones:

What next, a third referendum?!

And then what? A fourth referendum?! And after that, what do they want? A FIFTH REFERENDUM??? And I suppose then they’ll want a SIXTH bloody referendum won’t they?! Essentially, what he’s conveying in a highly sophisticated way is: WHEN WILL IT STOP?!

Well argued, sir.

An attack on Tesco employees and the shadow home secretary

Snobbery and a lazy attack on the most-attacked politician. Take that, political elite. But he’s still a working-class hero and an individual with his own unique opinions tho.

It is impossible to retire

You can though. You can. Please.

Hitler was a leftie!

That bloody snowflake Hitler, with his identity politics and his LOONY LEFT obsession with no-platforming entire ethnic groups. Absolutely no regard for the left behind. No wonder there’s been a backlash from white communities. Political correctness gone mad.

If someone calls you racist, they mean you’re enlightened

Yep, I hear you. Whenever I express my visceral disgust towards people of a different race than me, all I do is try not to get distracted from how enlightened I am. What’s that? Nope. Can’t hear you under all the enlightenment. La la la, enlightened.

Theresa May loves animals getting their throats slit

Sure. This is the cruellest of famed immigrant fan Theresa May’s political pronouncements.

IS decide our food standards

Those Food Standards Agency officials are always creeping round the caliphate, getting things approved. Classic craven civil servants.


What is this comedy slaughter ad he’s talking about? Is he thinking of …read more

Source:: New Statesman


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