The new bill came as members of the state Senate began advancing a package of bills designed to make New Jersey’s gun laws even tighter.

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Democratic state lawmakers have a new target as they aim to tighten New Jersey’s already strict firearms laws: “ghost guns.”

A new bill that began advancing in the Democrat-controlled state Legislature on Monday would prohibit the purchase of firearm parts used to make these untraceable homemade guns.

The state Senate Law and Public Safety committee approved the measure along with a package of six other Democrat-sponsored gun-control bills that continue to move closer to Gov. Phil Murphy’s desk.

The state Assembly already approved those six proposals last month — which include reducing the number of bullets allowed in a magazine from 15 to 10 (S102), banning armor-piercing bullets (S2245), strictly defining that residents must show a “justifiable need” to obtain permit to carry a handgun (S2376), expanding background checks for private gun sales (S2374), and making it easier to seize weathers from people deemed to pose a threat to themselves or others (S160 and S2259).

But this was the first time members of the state Senate considered the bills. And it was the first time the “ghost gun” measure (S2465) was considered by any lawmakers.

State Assembly votes to make N.J. gun laws even tighter

Such weapons are made when people purchase parts one piece at time and assembly them using a kit you can buy online. Thus, the weapons have no serial or registration number.

State Sen. Joseph Cryan, a main sponsor of the bill, said the process allows people prohibited from having a gun — such as felons and those with mental …read more

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