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There’s a big difference between unreasonable gripes and genuine complaints.

Meet Linda and Tony Gilkes. They’re modern day heroes. Modern day heroes fighting for the rights of all those who desperately want to eat a meat pie before 9am. They battled against the massed Mordor-like forces of… Morrisons in Berwick Hills, Middlesbrough. And they triumphed! Now you, too, can eat a pie there before 9am. What a feel good human story…

And that’s what the Middlesbrough Gazette thought when it jumped on the Gilkes’ complaints for a story headlined “Fury after Morrisons wouldn’t sell couple meat pies before 9am”.

Only in the world of local newspapers do minor gripes from folks like Linda and Tony rise to the level of “fury”. If those journalists were less inclined to hyperbole they might go with “Grumpy oldsters in meat pie gripe explosion”.

The whole point of the blog was to celebrate the way local newspapers have to resort to reporting on tedious local happenings which are strangely entertaining, often funny, and kind of charming. This story is none of those things. It’s just crap.https://t.co/9wKlleDHie

— Paddy Sisyphus (@PaddySisyphus) April 16, 2018

Does it matter, though? After all, the Gilkes have got their pies and, in doing so, won a historic victory against some poor baker who was just trying to make pies at a time when most people actually want them, and the Gazette has been gifted with a viral success, a story that includes the Gilkes accusing Morrisons of “having [its] own agenda”. But, yes, it does matter — as you could probably have predicted since you’re reading a New Statesman opinion piece about it — because the Gilkes are serial complainers, people for whom no inconvenience can go unchallenged.

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Source:: New Statesman


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