Should state rules be changed to those who take public jobs can’t collect their pensions?

“Retirement” doesn’t look so bad for someone like former Bayonne Mayor Mark Smith.

The Jersey Journal reported Monday that Smith, who is also a former police director, was named the first full-time director of homeland security for the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office.

He’ll be making $104,000 a year. Smith is also collecting a $107,000 annual pension from his time as police officer, police director and mayor of Bayonne.

Smith has not worked for the city of Bayonne for nearly four years since he was ousted by Jimmy Davis in 2014.

Davis had his own troubles with collecting a pension. He was expected to collect $120,000 yearly after he retired as a Bayonne police captain. He retired the day before he took office as mayor.

But a 2012 state government rule forbids retirees from collecting a pension without a “bona fide severance of employment” of at least 180 days from their old employer if they’ve taken a different job at the same place — unless the retirement was considered “mandatory.”

He was eventually was allowed to collect his pension, retroactively, while he was mayor.

There isn’t a rule about retired police or fire officials who want to become elected officials in their later years.

Should rules be changed to those who take public jobs can’t collect their pensions?

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