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There was a time when it looked like the public cloud might consign VMware to the long list of bygone enterprise computing powerhouses, but the stickiness of the hybrid cloud has changed that thinking. New versions of the virtualization company’s flagship products continue its work in this area.

VMware plans to announce new versions of vSphere, its virtualization platform, and vSAN, its virtual storage technology, later on Tuesday. Both products have been updated with the hybrid cloud in mind, adding support for new technologies inspired by cloud computing and tightening security as workloads move between on-premises datacenters and public cloud providers.

VMware’s virtualization technology allows customers to extract more performance from their hardware by allowing applications to be deployed to multiple virtual machines running on a single server. Virtual machines have been a standard way to deploy applications for more than a decade, and while technologies such as containers and serverless computing are changing the way people think about application deployment, there are tons of companies who invested a ton of time and money into applications built around virtual machines and don’t see the point in fixing what isn’t broken.

VMware has benefitted from that trend, reporting a 14 percent jump in revenue during its last fiscal quarter. It also struck a savvy partnership with Amazon Web Services on hybrid cloud deployments in 2016, bringing together the on-premises virtualization leader with the public cloud market leader with a new product in 2017.

When it comes to vSphere 6.7, perhaps the most important upgrades to over the previous 6.5 version are performance-related: version 6.7 will use three times less memory than the previous version and the distributed-resource scheduler will also run three times faster, said Himanshu Singh, group manager for cloud platform product marketing at …read more

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