Two Didi Gregorius homers, one Aaron Judge blast and a dominant Luis Severino led to a 12-0 win for the Yankees over the Marlins on Monday.

NEW YORK — Attention, crazy people who say there’s no such thing as a must-win game in April.

Fine, you’re not crazy. You’re right. Still, the Yankees really, really needed Monday’s 12-1 win over the Marlins at Yankee Stadium.

They needed it to be emphatic. They needed it to be easy. They needed to treat Miami like the doormat they declared themselves to be when owner Derek Jeter put Giancarlo Stanton, then his best player, in pinstripes in December.

They needed it because not much has been easy for the team many expected to steamroll through the American League East.

They needed it because they’ve suffered injuries at an alarming rate. Because two of their stars (Stanton, Gary Sanchez) have had snail-like starts. Because the bullpen has looked less real deal, more imposter.

And they needed it because in September, when they’re battling for a playoff spot, they would loathe to look back on that gimmie April 16 matchup with maybe baseball’s worst team.

They got it because Luis Severino (six innings, one hit, no runs) did what aces are supposed to do against bad clubs.

They got it because Aaron Judge (solo homer) and Didi Gregorius (two-run shot, solo homer) reprised their roles as players the Yankees will be able to rely on all year.

They got it because Marlins lefty Caleb Smith (2 1/3 innings, five earned runs) looked like someone the Yankees would trade in the offseason to make roster room — because, well, that’s just what they did to Smith in November.

And they got it because the bullpen held up for three innings after Severino’s departure.

The win made the Yankees 7-6 and was their second in a row but …read more

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