We’ll take time out from examining the Pac-12’s labyrinthine finances to address a topic of incredibly deep and lasting significance:

A mock draft of players from the 21st century.

Why bother writing about $100+ million in seemingly missing revenue when you can pair Joey Harrington and Marshawn Lynch in the same backfield.

A few weeks ago, Ryan Abraham and David Woods, the brains behind the highly-entertaining ‘Podcast of Champions,’ published their All-Century teams.

Except it wasn’t a typical all-century team, and their approach was intriguing enough that I … well, I barged in and joined the festivities.

Abraham and Woods didn’t merely picked from all the players in the conference from the past 18 seasons; they placed a parameter on the exercise:

Select one player from each of the 12 schools for offense and one for defense.

That process created 24-player starting lineups that had as many representatives from USC and Washington, for example, as from Oregon State and Colorado.

Also, it had to be a functioning team:

Specific positions (i.e., left guard, outside linebacker, free safety) were not required.

But the offense couldn’t have five receivers and three linemen; the defense couldn’t have six linebackers and two defensive backs.

I looked through the results of their draft and realized how many terrific players were still available.

At that point, I asked about adding a third team … the best of the undrafted players … and the results are below, along with Team Woods and Team Abraham.

Please note that in regard to Colorado and Utah, the same rule applied:

All players from the 2000 season or later were fair game; the daft pool wasn’t limited to the program’s seven years in the conference.

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