In 2013, Tiffany Dufu did something completely contrary to the philosophy in her bestselling book, Drop The Ball. She was at a point in her career where she was getting numerous requests from women for coffee meetings or to “pick her brain.” Instead of declining the requests due to her increasingly busy schedule, she said yes. To all of them.

Since then, she’s met with and talked to over a thousand women about their professional goals, and says it’s been the most informative part of her life as a women’s leadership development expert. But what Dufu has realized is that, more often than not, women don’t have a group of peers supporting them who can hold them accountable to their goals or leverage their personal networks to help them succeed. As someone who attributes much of her success to the support of the women around her, she wants other women to have support groups, too.

That’s why Dufu is launching The Cru, a peer coaching service that connects women who want to jump start their professional growth. Each Cru will be comprised of 10 women from different backgrounds, industries, and networks, and will come together to help each woman realize her professional goals.

We talked to Dufu about The Cru, why women need to support one another, and how her experience in Iceland changed the way she thinks about the need for solidarity.

What inspired you to start The Cru, and how exactly does it work?

“It has to do with my own leadership journey. I had this Tiffany’s epiphany – that’s what I call my aha moments – a few years ago. I was having lunch with a colleague who was a cycling enthusiast, and I was explaining to her that I thought cycling was an individual sport. When I would catch …read more

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