This 2012 photo released by The Daily shows comedian Tig Notaro. After starting her comedy routine with Good evening! Hello. I have cancer. How are you? , Notaro launched into a 30-minute performance that immediately became legendary in comedy circles and that's now available as an unlikely live album via a $5 digital release by comedian Louis C.K. In just a week, it's sold more than 60,000 copies. (AP Photo/Kate Lacey for The Daily)

Sexual misconduct allegations had circled around once beloved comedian Louis C.K. for years but mostly stayed within the comedy world. That’s until the summer of 2017 when one of his female collaborators, Tig Notaro, gave an interview in which she famously said it was time for C.K. to finally “handle” the allegations in a serious way and not keep brushing them off.

Tig Notaro in 2012. (AP Photo/Kate Lacey for The Daily)

Notaro’s comments were the beginning of the end for C.K.’s heralded career as America’s king of comedy. Within a few months, Harvey Weinstein would get busted for multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, the #MeToo movement would take off, and C.K. himself would become the subject of a New York Times investigative story.

The November 2017 Times report confirmed the disturbing allegations that Notaro had alluded to in her interview. They were that C.K. had exposed himself to female collaborators and masturbated in front of them. The Times interviewed five women who said he had subjected them to sexually inappropriate behavior.

Six months later, Notaro is back to comment on C.K.’s downfall — just as new reports emerge that the comedy auteur may be looking for ways to stage a comeback.

But Notaro doesn’t sound sympathetic to C.K.’s plight in an interview this week with NPR’s Terry Gross.For one thing, she said there were more women than the five mentioned in the Times article whom he had mistreated.

Louis C.K. during the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards in 2014. (Robert Gauthier/Los
Angeles Times/MCT)

“I know know many of the people (involved),” Notaro said. “There are people, who weren’t in the article, that he’s done this to. So to know first-hand the pain and destruction of what it’s done to these people — that’s really, really sad.”

Notaro’s interview with Gross mostly focused …read more

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