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Westminster politics has recently been dominated by the row within Cabinet over “max fac” vs Theresa May’s customs partnership.
These are the two ideas the UK government has for solving the Irish border issue in Brexit negotiations. Both have been rejected by the European Union.
However, this discussion is irrelevant until Britain and the EU reach an agreement on the “backstop,” trade expert Sam Lowe argues in an article for Business Insider.
The EU says there will be no deal Brexit deal unless Britain agrees to a fallback option for protecting the frictionless border between Northern Ireland and the Republic.
May has little choice but to accept the backstop she once decided as unacceptable, Lowe argues.

Theresa May and her Cabinet are currently embroiled in a heated and public debate over potential post-Brexit customs arrangements. Ostensibly this is about finding a solution for the Irish border, in time for the European Council in June.

However, in reality, whatever the outcome, the ongoing squabble over customs amounts to little more than displacement activity.

For the EU and Ireland, British aspirations for the future relationship are not the matter at hand. Instead, they are awaiting substantive British engagement on the detail of the insurance policy, or backstop. Specifically, they want to agree on the means by which physical infrastructure and associated checks on the Irish border are avoided in the event that the future UK-EU partnership fails to do so, or no agreement on the future relationship is reached.

Many will argue such a stance is not fair, but the EU is the bigger party, with the stronger negotiating hand, and it is how it will be.

The UK could commit to staying in the single market and customs union and a backstop would still need to be agreed. Aspiration can never double up as insurance.

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Source:: Business Insider


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