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Around the world, coastal cities are becoming increasingly vulnerable to sea-level rise. Some future-looking architects and city planners believe that floating neighborhoods — in which buoyed homes could rise with water levels to avoid flooding — as a possible solution.

An Italian architecture firm called Lazzarini Design Studio has created a conceptual design for a floating city, dubbed Wayaland. The plan calls for luxury pyramid-shaped houses powered by solar energy, which CEO Pierpaolo Lazzarini hoes to build off the coast of the United Arab Emirates or Italy.

But Wayaland still in a very early phase of the design process. This month, the firm launched a crowdfunding campaign to build the first pyramid, which it expects will cost around $420,000. According to the campaign, the first investors could choose to become “citizens” of Wayaland if its home country chooses to recognize the development as an official city.

Take a look at the concept below.

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Lazzarini Design Studio envisions Wayaland as a city of 20 floating pyramids.

There would be 10 homes, three hotels with a total of 20 suites, two restaurants, and five smaller buildings for other uses still to be determined.

One of those pyramids could contain a floating greenhouse, according to the early plans.

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