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Well, if Elon Musk’s performance on Tesla’s most recent earnings call with analysts is any indication, he might not have many nice things to say to David Tamberrino of Goldman Sachs.

Thursday, Tamberrino said that Tesla may have to raise $10.5 billion over the next two years just to, in effect, keep the lights on.

The main issue facing Tesla is financing the funding of its big production plans for the Model 3 sedan. Tesla is ramping up the speed of its assembly line for the Model 3, and has said it is on track to meet a goal of producing 5,000 Model 3 vehicles a week beginning in late June.

Tesla funding its operations remains a issue for many investors, and Wall Street analysts. But, when Tesla held its quarterly conference call earlier this month, Musk said “boring questions are not cool,” and used the term “bonehead” to describe some analysts’ queries about Tesla’s financial position.

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Tamberrino said he didn’t think Tesla would have any problems raising the amount of funds it may need, and that he thinks Tesla has “several options” at its disposal, including issuing bonds and equity in the company. However, Tamberrino also said such moves could end up cutting the value of Tesla’s current shareholders.

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