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Harvard law professor and famed defense attorney Alan Dershowitz spoke to Business Insider on Wednesday about new developments in the case involving President Donald Trump’s longtime lawyer Michael Cohen.
Dershowitz said it appears Cohen is seeking an attorney who specializes in cutting deals.
“The key is to find out who the new lawyer is,” Dershowitz said.

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz told Business Insider on Wednesday that it appears likely that President Donald Trump’s longtime lawyer is seeking an attorney who specializes in dealmaking after reportedly separating from his existing legal team.

“It certainly could signal an attempt to make a friendly deal with the prosecutor,” Dershowitz said.

Earlier in the day, multiple reports said that Michael Cohen’s lawyers were set to stop representing him in the case. Sources told ABC News that this change made it likely that Cohen would cooperate with federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York, where he is under investigation for possible campaign-finance violations, bank fraud, and wire fraud following the FBI’s April raids on his home, office, and hotel room.

Attorneys Stephen Ryan, Joseph Evans, and Todd Harrison have represented Cohen in the investigation, which has so far featured several hearings before US District Judge Kimba Wood related to the documents seized by the FBI. The attorneys had not yet filed to Wood a notice to withdraw from the case.

The New York Times reported that Cohen’s legal team is expected to stay with him until the end of the week as they race to finish reviewing the vast array of documents, a trove of which still had to be reviewed for privilege designations. In a late May hearing, Wood ordered Cohen’s team to complete that review by Friday. The Times reported that once the review is complete, Cohen will …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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