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New York Jets wide receiver Robby Anderson faced (and still faces) legal trouble, but he doesn’t think the NFL will suspend him.

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After being arrested twice in nine months, Jets wide receiver Robby Anderson said Wednesday he doesn’t expect the NFL to suspend him. He isn’t even concerned about a potential suspension, though one of his two legal cases is still pending.

“Nah, not to my concern yet,” he said of a possible suspension, on the Jets’ second day of minicamp. “Once my other case gets settled, then I know my lawyer informed me that we’ll have a conversation with the league about that.”

But as for a potential suspension, Anderson said, “I hope not. I don’t think so.”

Any suspension would hurt the Jets, because Anderson was their top receiver last season. Wednesday marked Anderson’s first public comments since his most recent arrest.

Last May, Anderson was charged with a felony after allegedly pushing a police officer at a music festival in Miami. But the case was completely dropped, because other officers couldn’t back up the cop’s claim.

In January, Anderson allegedly sped away from an officer at 105 mph and threatened to sexually assault the officer’s wife, after being arrested. Anderson faced three felonies for that incident, but everything was dropped except for a misdemeanor reckless driving charge.

Anderson’s next court date for that case is July 19 in Broward County (Fla.). His attorney, Ed O’Donnell, does not expect the case to go to trial. He said it likely will be resolved July 19 or even before that.

The NFL typically waits until a player’s legal situation concludes before handing down any suspension. The league can do whatever it wants with a suspension, and doesn’t have to base its decision on whether a …read more

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