Say what you want about Kimmy K, but this is a great story!
Kim Kardashian touched down in Memphis today to meet freed prisoner Alice Marie Johnson for the first time face-to-face, just weeks after going to the White House to personally ask President Trump to pardon Johnson and get her released from prison, where she was serving a life sentence for a nonviolent drug-related first time offense.
The two shared a hug on the doorstep of Johnson’s family home, before sitting down for an interview and goofing around on Snapchat together. It seems like they’re BFFs now!
Ms. Johnson penned a thank you letter to the reality star after her release, and wanted people to know what a big heart the E! starlet had.
“Dear Ms. Kardashian, I am so humbled by what you are doing and have already done on my behalf. When I spoke with Attorney Shawn Holley and she disclosed the name of my benefactor, I had to take time to process and digest the news that you were the one she had been alluding to. There are no words strong enough to express my deep and heartfelt gratitude. Ms. Kardashian, you are literally helping to save my life and restore me to my family. I was drowning and you have thrown me a life jacket and given me hope that this Life jacket I’m serving may one day be taken off,” Johnson wrote.
“There are defining moments in history that have shaped the destiny of this nation. I believe that we are part of a defining moment. When Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on that bus (the same year that I was born – 1955)… that was a defining moment. She was an ordinary woman whose courage ignited and united the heart of America to stand together …read more

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