The Calgary Airport Authority is looking to the stars for new direction in elevating guest experiences and driving economic growth.

The campaign, dubbed North Star, focuses on enhancing customer experience and highlighting western hospitality.

“North Star is what ancient mariners used to navigate and it was effectively a key compass point that they used to get where they needed to go. It’s not something you can ever reach but it is something that guides you, keeps you safe and make sure you go the right direction,” said Bob Sartor, president and CEO of the Calgary Airport Authority.

“So what it is effectively is a way for people, we talk about effortless and memorable, we talk about hospitality, so if what we’re working on doesn’t touch one of those touch points, then we probably shouldn’t be doing it. So that’s what North Star is all about.”

Calgary International Airport will undergo a redesign, including new colours — red, grey, blue and gold — and patterns that reflect Calgary and the province.

The colour red is intended to reflect the “dramatic landscape” while the pattern within the red represents the foothills and the Rocky Mountains. Grey is intended to showcase Calgary’s urban landscape and its downtown core.

Blue is representative of the mountains, rivers and sky and is also a nod to the provincial flag while gold is showcasing the prairies and our agricultural history, the patterns representing wheat and barley while also again, being a nod to the provincial flag.

The Airport Authority’s new vision is inspired by the things that make Calgary and southern Alberta unique. This new approach will bring new retail and service offerings to YYC, improvements to the processes within the airport and enhancements to the domestic terminal.

Sartor said they want to highlight Calgary’s food and beverage scene, bringing in local breweries and food …read more

Source:: Calgary Herald


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