A crowd of about 50 die-hard soccer fans gathered around a big screen at the Ship and Anchor Pub Thursday morning as the World Cup officially started at 9 a.m.

And thanks to approval from the province, soccer fans could enjoy a brew with their bacon and eggs as they watched the host team Russia take on Saudi Arabia.

But soccer fans Nicolas Jekill and Joshua White said drinking isn’t the most important consideration.

“To me drinking doesn’t necessarily have to make or break the game,” said Jekill, who grew up watching soccer with his family.

“Drinking just by proxy, this wouldn’t be a thing if we were in Europe, it would be a normal time,” said Jekill. “It’s always early games being in North America.”

“But if I can go and have a beer at 9 a.m., I won’t say no,” added White.

Both Jekill and White are excited for the World Cup to begin, as it only comes around once every four years.

“It’s a holiday for us, it’s a month of just every day you get to watch what you love and the best of the best,” said Jekill.

“It’s the Olympics for footy fans,” added White.

Both are “stoked” for the World Cup to be hosted by North America and the possibility that Edmonton would become one of the venues chosen for the games.

“To see that level of quality soccer too, I mean world class… In Canada what do we have, three MLS teams and Albertans can’t go there, you’d have to got to Vancouver, no one wants to do that,” said White.

White and Jekill said there would be no question they would travel up to Edmonton to watch the games if the city were to be one of the venues.

For Nicola Trolez, marketing and promotions manager at the Ship and Anchor, said the relaxed …read more

Source:: Calgary Herald


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