If you’re like us, you’ve spent the past few months doing the following: dressing inappropriately for the ever-fluctuating weather, ordering takeout because the bodega just seems too damn far, and skimping on workouts because of allergies and general spring malaise. Quite frankly, we’re done with any season that’s not summer, so thank goodness it’s finally here.

Given that there are a limited number of weekends between Memorial Day and Labor Day (15 to be exact), we narrowed down our top six summer bucket-list plans — and exactly what you need to make the most of them. Off to the shore? A striped suit and Australian Gold sunscreen are absolute musts. A lofty weekend frolicking in the countryside? Your obligatory afternoon picnic would be incomplete without a cozy Turkish towel and a linen jumpsuit. Regardless of the locale you choose to spend that precious 60 hours in, read on for your ultimate, curated packing guide. Then, run for the hills (maybe quite literally), and enjoy your much-needed time OOO. TGIF.

A Time To Glamp
When nature calls, it’s best to answer — the fresh air will do you good! But there’s no need to rough it; a weekend away glamping is an activity we can get behind. Before you get going, remove your makeup with some easy-to-use wipes to let your skin breathe it all in. Hiking sneakers are a must, of course. Pick a pair that will look cute on the mountain and in the street when you return to civilization. Good thing athleisure isn’t going anywhere, because this is an occasion when form definitely meets function. As for tunes, a portable speaker makes it easy to bop from campsite to campsite — and maybe even forget how much you’re sweating. Whew.

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