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Stephen Jackson.

Just the mention of his name made you shudder, didn’t it?

For those of you late to the parade, Jackson was a SMH machine who spent parts of four seasons with the Warriors before they became the proud, polished juggernaut we know today. For those of you who were around during his time at Golden State, you remember Jackson as a maddening, confounding rolling dramadey with a certain amount of basketball skills.

Mainly the former.

Jackson, now 40 and four years removed from his turbulent 14-season NBA career, appeared on Fox Sports on Wednesday and leveled a broadside against LeBron James — his one-punch knockout of a whiteboard after Game 1 of the NBA Finals, his inability to lead an inferior supporting cast to an upset of the Warriors, and (purportedly) using his injured right hand as an excuse after the fact.

“He quit,” Jackson said. “He knew he was playing against a better team. After Game 1, he knew he was beat. Point blank, bruh. It had nothing to do with his hand. they got swept, 4-0. Take it like a man. Go home, bruh.”

You read correctly. Stephen Jackson accused another NBA player of quitting. More on this shortly.

Admittedly, more reasoned observers than Jackson have wondered about the hand thing, why James chose to come to the interview room after Game 4 wearing a brace, why he said he had been playing “pretty much” with a broken hand in Games 2-4. At the least, and taking the whiteboard version of events at face value, it was an eye-popping lack of professionalism, smashing an inanimate object that clearly was a proxy for J.R. Smith.

But it’s a long haul from a moment of white-hot frustration to quitting …read more

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