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A North Korean defector, now living in Seoul, says President Trump is being used by Kim Jong-un. Min Kang spoke to Chance Seales in the office where he runs a website design company. This is a partial transcript of their conversation.

Chance Seales, Host of “The Why”: Your life didn’t begin here; it started in North Korea. What was your life like there?

Min Kang, North Korean defector: I was born in Pukchong County, South Hamgyong Province. Where I was born, the streams of water were clear and beautiful, but when I was around 10, in my hometown a lot of kids like me starved to death, and I’ve seen a lot of horrible images like that. It’s a truly beautiful place, but I’ve seen a lot of hardships.

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Seales: What was your life like at home?

Kang: My mother would travel around the country, carrying merchandise and trying to sell it door-to-door. Her family would take care of me while she was traveling, so I’d hang out with my cousins and nephews, but we didn’t have anything to eat, so I went to the mountains and became a logger — that’s how I bought food.

Seales: Were you aware of the outside world? Listening to propaganda that people wanted to kill you, did you believe it?

Kang: The propaganda praising the Kim family and negative words about the outside world, unlike what the North Korean government says, people are aware that they’re not true. I was moved by a movie like “Titanic.” People watch a lot of TV shows and soap operas, and people think pop culture is cool. They follow the fashion. No matter what the North Korean government says, it’s totally unrelated to the actual daily lives of citizens.

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