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With many myths out there claiming that frozen foods are bad for your health, you’ve surely wondered if frozen vegetables fall into that category too.
INSIDER spoke with several nutritionists and found out that frozen veggies are pretty comparable to fresh.
They can save you time and are usually frozen at peak freshness.

Frozen veggies line the freezers from top to bottom at the grocery store. But with many myths floating around today discrediting frozen foods, have you stopped to wonder if even the vegetables offer you many nutrients?

INSIDER decided to talk to several nutritionists to find out how frozen vegetables compare to fresh veggies.

Frozen vegetables are picked at their peak in terms of freshness and nutrients.

Vegetables destined to be “frozen” are harvested at a time when their freshness and nutritional value are optimal, according to Fiona B. Lewis, DrPH, MS, RDN, LDN, Chef, and founder of LLBJ Culinary and Wellness Enterprises LLC and Chef Enthusiast.

Shortly after harvest, these vegetables are blanched, a cooking technique that partially cooks food, and then are frozen, Lewis told INSIDER. This preserves their nutritional value, kills off the bacteria, and stops it from spoiling, according to Sabrina Rice, holistic nutritionist, owner of Nourished For Life.

During blanching, vegetables may lose some vitamin C and B vitamins, Lewis explained, but for the most part, much of their nutrients are preserved making them as healthy, if not healthier, than fresh vegetables.

Fresh vegetables are typically shipped from long distances making them less nutrient dense than frozen veggies.

Fresh vegetables are often transported great distances after harvest, which makes them less nutrient dense than frozen vegetables, according to Rice.

Though they were likely harvested at optimal nutritional values, the time it takes to deliver them to stores around the country will cause them to lose some of their nutrients unlike …read more

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