Never afraid to tap into the zeitgeist, the St. Paul Saints will change their name to the St. Paul Raccoons for a June 26 game against Sioux City on June 26 at CHS Field.

In fact, the team is already calling itself the St. Paul Raccoons on Twitter, with a picture of a raccoon for an avatar, though its Twitter handle remains @StPaulSaints.

The changes are meant to honor the animal known across the Twitterverse as #MPRRaccoon, a young female that scaled UBS Plaza and stole the hearts of Americans near and far Tuesday before being released back into the wild on Wednesday.

The Saints will don St. Paul Raccoon jerseys for the June 26 game, and the first 1,500 fans in attendance will receive a raccoon mask.

Noting the raccoon’s “love of three-lettered buildings,” the Saints will offer the raccoon the key to CHS Field.

On Twitter, they’re calling #MPRraccoon “the hero we never knew we needed.”

The Hero We Never Knew We Needed, Saints To Honor #MPRRaccoon By Changing Their Names To St. Paul Raccoons On June 26

— St. Paul Raccoons (@StPaulSaints) June 13, 2018

“Should the raccoon ever return to the Saint Paul area,” the team said in a statement, “she will have free run of the Saints ballpark, to rummage through the trash, climb up the St. Paul Eye Clinic Batter’s Eye, or just hang out and relax.”

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Source:: The Mercury News – Sports


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