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The Netflix documentary series “Wild, Wild Country” unearths a well of information on a so-called sex cult you probably didn’t even know existed. The title of the series doesn’t give away the premise, and therefore, you’re likely to walk into your viewing blind.

Within the first episode, several questions are raised that will take time to be answered, but if you want a preliminary report on what to expect, we’ve got you covered. Just a heads up, there are some light spoilers ahead.

The series follows the Rajneesh Movement.

There are many players in “Wild, Wild Country,” but to sum it up, the series follows the people of the Rajneesh movement. Indian teacher Bhagwan Shree Rashneesh inspired a new wave of spiritual practice that used Eastern influence to encourage “freedom” from the “constructs” of organized religion.

On the surface, it seemed as though they instilled beliefs of freedom, joy, and unity in their followers, known as “Sannyasins.” The reality of the so-called cult was far more convoluted, as they used sexual acts as the basis for meditation and valued materials such as expensive, lavish homes and ostentatious cars (Bhagwan collecting several Rolls Royce’s). A radical selection of followers reportedly committed a series of crimes, including attempted murder and the largest bioterrorist attack in Oregon’s history.

Those on the outside looking in have just as much of a voice on this series, too, as they share their experiences with the upset this so-called cult caused in America.

The setting is in Wasco County, Oregon.

The movement originated in Pune, India, but faced pressure from law enforcement to answer to their unpaid tax offenses, according to Oregon Live. In search of the space to grow their numbers and freedom to practice the Rajneeshee way, secretary and right-hand to Bhagwan, Ma Anand …read more

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