Ben and Shookus

Pretty much from the time they started dating, rumors of Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus getting married have been circulating non-stop.

And in fairness, they really did seem to move rather quickly from the very beginning.

Of course, there’s still the minor obstacle of the fact that Ben is technically still married to Jennifer Garner, but it seems Affleck and Shookus won’t allow that pesky little detail to stand in their way.

According to Radar Online, Ben and Lindsay are currently in the process of planning a Hawaiian wedding.

“They want to do it before the end of summer when Lindsay goes back to work on SNL,” an insider told Radar. “They love Hawaii and had a great time there in April when Ben was filming Triple Frontier.”

Is it just us, or does a Ben Affleck movie set in Hawaii with the title of Triple Frontier sound like something from an SNL sketch?

But we digress.

“Ben’s talking luau, leis and Hawaiian shirts,” the source added.

“He’s already asked Jen to watch the kids while he’s away,” says the source.

Wow, if that’s not the ultimate act of passive aggression.

Hey, Jen do you think you could watch the kids during the one weekend I’m supposed to have them this summer? Lindsay and I have plans. I already bought the rings and everything.

Anyway, the most interesting part of all this is the fact that Ben and Lindsay are reportedly expecting a child together.

“People suspect the sense of urgency is because Lindsay’s pregnant,” the insider claims.

“And nothing hides a bump better than a muumuu dress.”

Well, if the speculation is based on nothing other than the fact that these two seem to be in a hurry and some traditional Hawaiian attire is baggy, then we’re gonna have to go ahead and call BS.

But who knows?

Maybe Lindsay really is …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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