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David Davis resigns as Brexit Secretary, throwing Theresa May’s government into crisis.
His resignation letter accuses May of betraying the result of the Brexit referendum.
Davis’s departure has thrown May’s future into doubt.
the prime minister will tonight address Conservative MPs as the threat of a leadership challenge mounts.

LONDON — David Davis’s resignation as Brexit Secretary just months before the UK has to conclude Brexit negotiations, is a crushing blow to Theresa May’s authority as prime minister and has put the entire future of her government in doubt.

His resignation letter is brutal, effectively accusing May of betraying the result of the Brexit referendum by handing back control of Britain’s future to the EU.

“In my view the inevitable consequence of the proposed policies will be to make the supposed control by Parliament illusory rather than real,” he writes.

“As I said at Cabinet, the “common rule book” policy hands control of large swathes of our economy to the EU and is certainly not returning control of our laws in any real sense.”

Speaking on the Today programme he accused May of putting Britain’s future in danger.

“We’re giving away too much too easily and that is a dangerous strategy,” he said.

So why did David Davis resign, what does it mean for the future of Brexit negotiations and can May now survive?

Here’s everything you need to know about how things could play out over the coming hours and days.

May’s darkest hour

David Davis has long been unhappy with the direction May’s government has been taking on Brexit and his increasingly sidelined position.

Although repeatedly threatened, Davis held back from resigning under the understanding that May would not water down her ‘red lines’ of leaving the EU customs union and single market.

The Cabinet agreement on Friday to effectively stay in the single market for goods, and therefore water down any …read more

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