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President Donald Trump named judge Brett Kavanaugh as his nominee for the Supreme Court on Monday night, and the Senate is gearing up for his confirmation.
Troy Covington, counsel at Bloom Parham and a legal expert, spoke to Business Insider about what issues will come up in Kavanaugh’s confirmation and how the judge could influence the court.
Covington said Kavanaugh’s previous writings on indictments of sitting presidents will be of particular interest to lawmakers.

On Monday night, President Donald Trump announced his nomination of current federal appeals court judge Brett Kavanaugh to fill the Supreme Court seat vacated by Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement — and Kavanaugh’s appointment could be one of the most influential in recent history.

Troy Covington, counsel at the Bloom Parham firm in Atlanta and a legal expert with experience in Supreme Court issues, spoke to Business Insider on Tuesday about what Senators will likely focus on during Kavanaugh’s confirmation process and the long-term influence Kavanaugh could exert on the court.

“I think it will be a very noisy confirmation process,” he said. “I think we’ve already seen people on both sides lining to start putting pressure on Senators to vote one way or another. But from a process standpoint … there really is not much the Democrats as the minority party can do to get in the way of that other than to make as much noise as possible.”

Both Democrats and Republicans are seizing on Kavanaugh’s confirmation as the midterms approach, with both sides galvanizing their respective bases around the issue.

One issue that will be of particular interest to both Democratic and Republican senators is an opinion expressed in some of Kavanaugh’s previous writings, particularly in a 2009 article published in the Minnesota Law Review, that …read more

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