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All twelve boys and their coach have been safely rescued from the flooded cave complex in northern Thailand, and are expected to be reunited by Tuesday evening.

But their harrowing journeys aren’t over yet, as they have to go through a tough recovery in a nearby hospital — which involves being quarantined in a sterilized unit, wearing protective sunglasses, eating porridge and having TVs they can’t switch on.

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A diet, bread, chocolate, and plain rice porridge.

The first four boys extracted from the cave asked for pad kra pao, a fried rice dish and chicken and basil, but have not been allowed to eat it.

Instead, they have been given soft, plain and non-spicy food, like rice congee, to aid their recovery, one of their doctors told reporters on Tuesday morning. They have also been given bread and chocolate.

While in the cave, the boys and their coach wrote handwritten notes to their families asking them to prepare fried chicken and BBQ pork when they got out.

Kept in quarantine, and only allowed to see their family through the window.

The boys have been kept in a sterilized isolation unit, and are being monitored for infections or contagious diseases.

The first four boys to be extracted from the cave and enter hospital — who were reportedly the weakest — have been allowed to see their families through a glass window.

Doctors are also setting up a phone line inside the boys’ rooms so they can speak to their parents.

Of the first four boys who were taken out, two were being treated for a “minor” lung infection and were stabilized with antibiotics.

Here’s what their hospital room looks like, according to CNN:

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